Kim Kardashian is having a ball. Literally.

The photo-op came only hours before Kanyewest's fiancee attends the Vienna Opera Ball with Lugner, who picks another female star annually to follow him to the yearly occasion.
Decked out in all-white, Kardashian stood sandwiched in between her dressed-in-black mom and also the 8 1-year old tycoon outside his shopping center.

NEWS: Kim Kardashian needs three children tops, gushes that North is the "sweetest, most joyful infant"

"I noticed it is only an outstanding occasion, it's incredibly attractive and that I'm only honored that I was encouraged to come here," Kardashian informed newspersons.
In Line With the official plan, the ball's menu contains cod with beet, caviar, lemon verbena and creme double.

Lugner is spending Kardashian an undisclosed amount of cash for visiting the ball with him. While the sum of money wasn't shown, the heading rate to lease a date is supposedly between $150,000 and $1million. Read More
Following his acclaimed efficiency in "Ne", Will Forte gets a routine TV part. The humor which he created, "Last Guy on Earth", has been selected around show by FOX. The community got it late a year ago following a bidding war concerning other networks.

Storyline details remain tight but the display will function Forte as the past guy on Earth, who fulfills a stranger. Both strangers now must beat their variations and come together to be sure the survival of the world.

Generation begins in the summertime to get a planned midseason 2015 premier. Other forged members will not be declared yet.

In addition, he added his voice to some character, President Lincoln, in "The Lego Film".


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